Ps 24:2 The earth was built on ocean foundations and river girders. Good guidance.

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Location, Location, Location. The principle of real estate value. Not easy when traditional development has run its course in a city. There is space for resourceful perspective though, when land has run out.

There is will in our community to optimize and densify to serve our growing needs. 

First floating dairy farm by Beladon BV, The Neatherlands

First floating dairy farm by Beladon BV, The Neatherlands

John M.S. Lecky UBC Boathouse, Richmond, British Columbia, Canada


Technology is not a withholding factor. In 2013, University of British Columbia stepped out in innovation to float its rowing club and create an event venue. Utilizing existing technology and local fabricators and constructors.



 Other parts of the world are advancing to resolve the same issues. Imagine what can be possible for your enterprise.

Lower Mainland, British Columbia, Canada. Potential sites

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The Lower Mainland of British Columbia has kilometers of urban waterway that can be revitalized and accept ecologically responsible and sustainable floating structures while respecting citizen connection to the waterfront.

Appreciably, fulfilling and elevating the governing regulations is required but Cyrus 6 Corporation is taking up the challenge. If you are interested in engaging the advantage of another forefront opportunity, connect with us.   

Waterway Quarters Concept

Cyrus 6 development:  innovative provision of affordable rentals for coastal urban centres.

The Waterway Quarters concept is simply scalable, multi-unit complexes employing modular building methods on a durable float, connected to city services. The units can be various sizes, up to 3 stories, affordable or market housing rental units or commercial lease units. Modular construction methodology will allow the spaces to be convertible to suit the community as it develops. These complexes can be configured in multiple blocks as viable with the ability to expand or contract as the community progresses. This solution is not a fixed asset, enabling easier future flexibility development for the foreshore and waterway.

Using Waterway Quarters, the coastal community response to our current acute need for basic affordable shelter has a unique way to accommodate some broader needs of the tenants it will serve in an economic and sustainable way. People living near the water, close to work and play and in a neighbourhood setting. A healthier lifestyle.

Designed by  twig & Beam. Block model rendering developed for Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation affordable housing innovation consideration.

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